MEDICI FOR ONE DAY! – Kids Workshop

MEDICI FOR ONE DAY! – Kids Workshop

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Would you like to be a Medici for one day? Power, money, beauty and glory crowned the rise of the most important family in the Renaissance Florence: The Medici. Would you like to step into the shoes of a Florentine merchant of the fifteenth century? Playing with me you can be Giovanni di Bicci, the founder of the first Medici Bank and architect of the economic fortune of the dynasty or Cosimo the Elder, the initiator of the glory and political rise of The Medici family. The choice it’s up to you: Lorenzo the Magnificent and his brother Giuliano de’ Medici, the legendary heroes of Renaissance joust! Who will be the most beautiful girl of Florence? My dear girls for one day could be just you: the beautiful Simonetta Cattaneo Vespucci, Catherine and Mary de’ Medici, the queens of France or the wonderful Eleanor of Toledo!!! Come and play with me at this special children workshop !!!

Educational Goals: The teaching proposal aims formative knowledge of the Medici family though the observation of artistic heritage in Florence. Kids will approach through the game to the great story of the Florentine dynasty and the Florentine tradition. Kids will imagine to be a Medici for one day at the end of the fifteenth century!

Path: Medici for one day Path opens from the Piazza Santa Maria Novella to get to the Piazza Santa Croce! Duration of Kids Workshop is about 2 hours, starts with the story of the Medici family, seeing the main monuments in the city center of Florence.

Content and Methodologies: During the workshop will be told episodes of Florentine Tradition, the historical events from the beginning of The Medici family. Both teaching tools of animated reading and workshop for image education will be used. Kids will make a new story of the Dynasty by drawing and writing with their point of view.

Instructions for Medici for one day Path: Duration is about 2 hours in the open air. It’s recommended therefore sneakers and hat and a bottle of water. Kids are required to bring an old diary (or notebook) where they write their comments, colored pencils (or markers) to draw the main monuments in the Florence city center from home. Kids will bring from home also a canvas bag with an old hat or a headscarf for girls.

Final work Medici for one day: a children story or theater performance about the Medici dynasty!

Age: Primary School, Kids and Family groups.

Medici for one day is an Educational Walking Tour in Florence, that will tell the story of the famous family in historical sites, Kids will be protagonists of an exciting path, full of surprises and unusual curiosity!

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Max Fifteen kids reservation required

  • Meeting Point in Piazza Santa Maria Novella (15 minutes before to start the workshop).
  • Duration – 2 hours.
  • Day Tour – from Monday to Monday
  • Time Tour – Morning 10 – 12; Afternoon 15 – 17; Sunday Afternoon 15 – 17 (15 minutes before in Santa Maria Novella).
  • Pricing = Workshop 70 € (Max 15 kids); Family Group 20 € Each (Minimum 4 Families to start the workshop).


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