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The National Museum of Bargello was inaugurated 150 years ago, collecting the most important masterpieces of Renaissance sculpture. When it was discovered the true face of Dante Alighieri in the frescoes of Giotto in the chapel of Magdalene, the Bargello had a new life. The mid-nineteenth century revalued the Middle Ages in Europe, art and culture of a Dark era, which was the foundation of the Renaissance. The Merchant of Florence is an Educational for the re-birth of the National Museum of Bargello and the roots of the splendor of Florence. In medieval time the figure of the merchant, the banker, the pilgrim was born, develop the fairs, trade, art, culture, and religious. Europe wears a white marble cloak with new Cathedrals, it’s the beginning of the rebirth of Man and his intellectual world. The Merchant of Florence will lead to discovery the collections on the first floor of the National Museum of Bargello: a veritable treasure of Ivories, reliquaries, jewels and rarities. This guided tour is a time travel that bring you from bright Middle Ages to Florence Renaissance, where beauty and dreams are the real stars. Come and play with me to this special children workshop, you will be The Merchant of Florence!

Educational Goals: The teaching proposal aims formative knowledge about the fascinating medieval time. Kids will approach through the game to the origins of the splendor of Florence, learning the most dynamic moment of the city.

Path: the guided tour of The Merchant of Florence opens up inside the courtyard of the National Museum of Bargello to get to the Collections on the first floor of the museum. Kids Workshop starts telling the story of the National Museum of Bargello. Kids will find out the role of merchants in Florence!

Content and Methodologies: During the workshop will be told episodes of Florentine Tradition, the historical events develop during the Middle Ages. Kids will learn about the great families of Florentine bankers and trade relations with Europe. Both teaching tools of animated reading and workshop for image education will be used. Kids will design a Merchant portrait, drawing and writing with their point of view.

Instructions for The Merchant of Florence: Duration of guided tour is about 2 hours. It’s recommended therefore sneakers and a bottle of water. The Kids are required to bring a sketchbook (or a notebook) from home, colored pencils (or markers), a canvas bag with an old headscarf.

Final work for The Merchant of Florence: Kids will design a Merchant portrait or the Merchant purse.

Age: Primary School, Kids and Family groups.

The Merchant of Florence is an educational Guided Tour in Florence, that will tell the story of the Florentine merchants in historical site, Kids will be protagonists of an exciting path, full of surprises and unusual curiosity!

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SPECIAL KIDS GUIDED TOUR in the National Museum of Bargello!!!

Max Fifteen kids reservation required

  • Meeting Point – in front of National Museum of Bargello – Via del Proconsolo n° 4 (15 minutes before to start the workshop).
  • Duration – 2 hours.
  • Day Tour – from Tuesday to Saturday
  • Time Tour – Morning 10 – 12; Afternoon 15 – 17 (15 minutes before in Via del Proconsolo n° 4).
  • Pricing = Workshop 70 € (Max 15 kids); Family Group 20 € Each (Minimum 4 Families to start the workshop).
  • Fees excluding the price of entrance tickets


Museum Tickets

  • Ticket = 7 € until 21 | giugno | 2015
  • Ticket = 4 € without exhibition
  • Free for children < 18 and disabled people and carers
  • Reductions for UE citizens 18 – 25 years


Contact me for your private tour Francesca Rachel Valle

Florence Guide

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